Meditation at your workplace

Offer your employees three 30-minute group sessions
per week over a six-week period

You will notice the atmosphere of cooperation, collaboration and creativity will increase significantly.

One of the central benefits of meditation is that it improves attention and concentration. A few weeks of meditation training will help with people’s focus and memory. Meditation will improve people’s cognitive skills on the job, too — and science has confirmed this.

Meditation is not a panacea, but there’s certainly a lot of evidence that it may do some good for those who practice it regularly. Everyone from Anderson Cooper and Russell Simmons to companies like Google, Apple and Target are integrating meditation into their schedules. And its benefits seem to be felt after a relatively short amount of practice.

For a few minutes in the morning, rather than turning on your phone or going online, see what happens if you try quieting down your mind, or at least paying attention to your thoughts and letting them go without reacting to them. If the research is right, just a few minutes of meditation may make a big difference.

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Meditation at Your School

Short Meditation Breaks Can Help Kids in School

classroom_meditation_cropFor developing brains, meditation has as much as or perhaps even more promise than it has for adults. There’s been increasing interest from educators in bringing meditation to schools. Students are increasingly having to deal with the stressors inside school, and oftentimes additional stress and trauma outside school.

Some schools have starting implementing meditation into their daily schedules, and with good effect. Many schools are beginning to have students sit for just a few minutes twice a day and seeing suspensions decrease and marks and attendance increase. Studies have confirmed the cognitive and emotional benefits of meditation for schoolchildren. Without doubt, as the evidence of its effectiveness is experienced more and more, meditation will gain a widespread acceptance it will become commonplace in most schools in Canada within in the next few years.

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