helps purify
the brain

Meditation trains the brain to recognize and not react to the constant cravings and aversions our thoughts are constantly bouncing back and forth from. This training of the mind will reduce stress, increase energy and bring more love and better circumstances into your life.

Meditation Rivals Antidepressants for Depression and Anxiety

Meditation is an active training of the mind to increase awareness. Meditation isn’t a magic bullet for depression, as no treatment is, but it’s one of the tools that may help manage symptoms. Meditation practice increases daily experiences of positive emotions, which, in turn, produce increases in a wide range of personal resources (e.g., increased mindfulness, purpose in life, social support, decreased illness symptoms). In turn, these increments in personal resources predicted increased life satisfaction and reduced depressive symptoms.

Can Help

A growing number of studies has shown that, given its effects on the self-control regions of the brain, meditation can be very effective in helping people recover from various types of addiction.

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

— Blaise Pascal, philosopher

Meditation Challenge